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 સર્વ વૈષ્ણવજનને મારા જયશ્રીકૃષ્ણ

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Vastu Services

Everybody is welcomed today to Vastu services. The vastu deals with the various aspects of one life like marriage proposal, vastu for east facing, vastu for factories, vastu for offices, vastu for hospitals, vastu for temples, vastu for educational institution, vastu for west facing, vastu for north facing etc. Vastu is today very famous today among the general masses. It also deals with children, there are lots of vastru sutras etc.

Janam Kundali

Janam kundali is a comprehensive chart to make astrological predictions for your upcoming events related to health, career, business, love etc. And to make an accurate janam kundali, exact birth time,birth date and birth place is required. It contains the position of planet and stars at the time of your birth which helps in accurate janam kundali predictions.


Horoscope Matching

In this busy schedule lifestyle people want an easy and quick way to find the best match for their marriage. And for these people online horoscope matching service is the best way by which they can get their best match. In different cities, the success ratio of vyas ji for horoscope matching service for best match is given below. Give the birth details of both bride and groom after clicking below. Horoscope matching will be done online and Marriage compatibility will be displayed as the result. Horoscope Matching is done based on the birth details and janma rashi of the people getting marriage.


Dosh Problem Solution

Doshas’ are determined by the positioning and effects of planets in one’s horoscope. Through the detailed study of it, you can know about all the up and down moments of your life and get prepared for it. And if the planets are ill-placed at your houses of horoscope chart then you may suffer from various kundali doshas. If the ‘Dosha’ in one’s horoscope are left unattended and remedies for it are not done the effects may prevail in one’s life for a long time.With the help of the best astrologer specialist, our site provides you the full details of various kundli doshas and appropriate remedies for it.

Education and Career

There are 90% people living around us, who are not satisfied from their job. And many other types of job problems they are also suffering like- not getting opportunities from workplace, not getting promotions at desired time and not able to maintain a good professional relationship at their workplace. If you are also suffering from these problems then you can take a help of job prediction astrology by our experts. Here in our site you can also get govt. job prediction astrology by date of birth, if you are looking for a govt. job. And all type of job problem solution you can get here.

Business Problem Solutions

Business is the most interesting profession in this world. At the same time it needs patience, effective business strategies, lot of research, innovative ideas, group efforts and many more. Which makes it a very restless job in which not every person can get success very easily. And sometime people give their countless efforts to get success but don’t get it. They do all major activities to grow their business but neglect some astrological aspects which plays a key role behind their success. And to make your efforts successful Vyas ji provide you free business astrology prediction, business name astrology and rahu related business information for your continuous business growth.

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